About MRCG

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The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG) is the national organisation of charities active in medical research. The MRCG promotes a dynamic medical research in Ireland, seeking a greater understanding of how illness can be prevented, how it can be diagnosed earlier and treated more effectively, with the ultimate goal of improving the whole nation's health. A well-functioning medical research infrastructure will ultimately help patients, the health system and the economy. Today's health research is tomorrow's healthcare.

MRCG members are significant funders and contributors to the research landscape in Ireland. Charity spend on the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme spend is a small proportion of the overall charity outlay on research. As well as outlay on other research projects and schemes, members also make significant contributions to capacity building and facilitate the movement of new learnings from the lab to the clinic. 

The MRCG works towards positioning ourselves and our members more accurately within the health research landscape and gaining the recognition and respect of a major player within medical research Ireland.

The Medical Research Charities Group is funded through the Pobal Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO), the Health Research Board, membership fees and levies.


The MRCG will provide a leading influence across the medical research community, promoting the full spectrum of high-quality scientific, clinical, paramedical and population group research. The MRCG believes that patient organizations should champion and stimulate the medical research critically needed by patients and their families. It will provide the intellectual and practical leadership to support and ensure the impact of charities in Ireland engaged in medical research. 


The MRCG's mission is to nurture a vibrant, dynamic, patient-led medical research environment in Ireland. This will be achieved by a bottom-up, consensual approach, partnership with external organizations and international networks; advocacy to shape policy; communicating the value and profile of research; collaboration, information-sharing and learning; and by supporting members to be active contributors to medical research. 



The MRCG has identified four goals for achieving our mission:

• Make Ireland a world-class medical research environment

• Ensure the full funding of medical research 

• Communicate the value of medical research

• Support members in increasing capacity to actively contribute to medical research.